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Patient Testimonials

Why choose Dr. Wong for your Osteopathic care?
Hear directly from his patients.

"Dr. Wong is a superior practitioner of osteopathic manipulative medicine. In addition, he is gentle, compassionate, conscientious and dedicated to his profession and his patients. I have trusted Dr. Wong with being my family's osteopathic physician for over 25 years. Our community is very fortunate to have access to such an outstanding medical provider."

-Karen S. (Albuquerque)

"I have been a patient of Dr. Phillip Wong for thirteen years. At the time I sought out Dr. Wong’s help I was in a desperate state. I had severe daily migraines, and no hope for relief. Dr. Wong has worked to reduce the frequency and severity. I am very grateful for Dr Wong’s treatments."

-Vivian L. (Albuquerque)

"I have cerebral palsy, with fine motor involvement. Dr. Wong has been caring for me, for a decade. I have increased control of my extremities and am less rigid. Thank you Dr. Wong for the improved mobility."

-Lisa G. (Albuquerque)

"Prior to being treated by Dr. Wong, neurosurgeons were advising me that I needed a second surgery on my lower back for a herniated disc. Dr. Wong is able to relieve my back pain and I still have not required a second surgery after 13 years. I also have allergy and asthma issues. With treatments from Dr. Wong my lung function tests have improved. I take less medication and have decreased symptoms. He also relieves other aches and pains. I would recommend Dr. Wong to anyone."

-Gary L. (Albuquerque)

"A good friend who was aware of my medical issues told me about Dr. Phillip Wong and set me up with an appointment within days. I was suprised at how gentle and sensitive Dr. Wong was as he performed osteopathic manipulations in a nearly painless, calming fashion. That was fifteen years ago. I continue to have Fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease, but I feel that without Dr. Wong's treatments I would have been forced to take high doses of narcotic pain killers to control the pain, and fear that I would not be nearly as mobile and active as I am today."

-Trena W. (Albuquerque)

"My wife had a neck injury, in an automobile accident. She was referred to Dr. Wong. After multiple manipulations, she was cured. I have been playing guitar for years. I started feeling numbness in my left hand and fingers. My wife suggested I see Dr. Wong, so I made an appointment. After my first treatment my left hand was considerably better, approximately 80%. I have had two more treatments thus far. Each treatment has improved my ability to play. My wife and I are very grateful to Dr. Wong, and we highly recommend Dr. Wong."

-R.J.H. (Albuquerque)